Remembering My Favorite Arcade Games

During the dark ages, long before kids had there were high definition televisions with home gaming consoles that can link up to the Internet, arcade games were extremely popular. If a kid wanted to play a video game, he or she had to go to the arcade to do so. This was good for a few reasons. First, it cuts down on isolation, which is one of the biggest disadvantages related to kids having so much access to home video games. Going to a public place to play games at least meant that you were out with people, and you were far more likely to go there with friends. Second, it meant that kids could learn to budget their time playing. It was not feasible or affordable to go and play video games all day. You needed a quarter for each turn, and once the quarters ran out, so did your time playing the game. Today, kids can play for hours on end, even all night if they want to, and do not have to worry about how to budget anything. Video games by themselves are not bad, but there are limits to how much one should play them in one sitting.

The past glory of the arcade

Even though going to the arcade is a thing of the past, kids nowadays play Friv games, but,  arcade games have been adapted to all of the modern gaming consoles that we all have now. You play versions of them on the Internet or you can play them on most of the home gaming consoles that are so common. One of my favorite games of the older variety is of course Pong. That was one of the original games to popularize the whole concept of gaming. Despite its primitive look, especially when compared to all of the things we have now, I still find it very addictive.

The best arcade games

When I was going to the arcade in the past, another one of my favorite arcade games was Donkey Kong. Now there are many newer versions of this classic game, and they all have their merits. But one thing I really love about the original version, the kind that you had to use a quarter to play, was the fact that the Mario Brothers themselves made an appearance. Plus, the game gets increasingly complex and challenging as you go on, but not to the point where you feel like you will never figure out what is going on.

The merits of the arcade

Finally, one of my all time favorite arcade games was Street Fighter. Like other games that came from the arcade, it too was adopted into version for the various gaming consoles. I do like playing the home version as well, but there is just something about being able to use that big controller and pound the big buttons on your way to fighting and challenging other competitors. The smaller and more compact controllers for the home systems just do not have the same feel and therefore they cannot compete. Even though the vintage way of gaming is mostly gone, it still has its merits.


Get in touch with your Nikon d3100 user manual

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